About Us

We Celebrate Women...

Inspired by a well-educated young female community, Ines has created the Inestory.
Ever since this company was founded, it has been supported by a group of women who are affable, confident, and self-oriented.
They all share their expertise on running a women leading business.

From then on, these captivating women have put their abilities to good use and hope to spread the spirit through the brand and products.

Mother, wife, and workplace professional, a woman can be a multi-role fighter everyday.

We try to know ourselves a bit deeper everyday and we’d also like to listen to how you feel and what you need.

...And The Story Inside.

A Bad Garment Can Ruin A Day

We aim to provide comfortable, affordable, and good-looking bras, underwear and swimwear.

We would like to be the one who supports you from inside.

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