What is a padded bra?

The definition of a padded bra

The main purpose of a padded bra is to make your breasts look bigger or give your bust a particular shape with lined cups.

You can find some padded bras have graduated padding feature, which is made thicker at the base of the cups and gradually thins out toward the top. Others have evenly padding throughout the cups.

What are the benefits of wearing a padded bra?

Offer supreme shaping. Padded bras are great at providing rounded shape. Padding at the side and the bottom will help to evenly distribute the breast tissues inwards. That is why a padded bra is good for women who have pointy, asymmetrical or extended breasts.

Boost the curves

To some women with smaller boob, a padded bra can add a little bit volume to your chest, making them look a little bigger. All you need to do is choose the right padding that appear naturally under your clothing.


In term of the material, some padding can be very soft and hold the breast firmly and gently. Padded bras won’t irritate the skin like sheer lace bras do. The only part of the bra touches your bust is the inner padding, which guarantees your comfort during daily wearing.

Don’t show your nipples

Even not in the winter, an unlined sheer bra is not always the smart pick When you need to go into a chilly place. With padding in the cups, your nipples will be invisible through a thin top. 

Types of Padded bras

Underwire-base Padded Bras–Offers better support as well as shaping.

Coverage-base Padded Bras–Full coverage, demi-cup padded bra, work differently in diverse dressing occasions.

Push-up bras & Padded bras: Are They the Same Thing?

I believe you are not the only one who wonders what is the difference between these two. Let’s put it this way.

A push-up bra is basically a padded bra, containing graduated padding that we mentioned earlier. But padded bras are structured with simple lined cups. You can find some additional padding at the bottom of the cups in a push-up bra, which helps to fulfill the main goal of boosting the bustline. Padded bras won’t add up too much to your bust, but offer shaping and protection.

So, if you prefer a better effect on boosting the breast, your best bet will be a push-up bra. You will enjoy more comfortable and naturally shaping by choosing a right size padded bra.

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