When Is It Time To Replace Your Bra?

All you need to do is to look for signs that help you determine when is the time to replace your bra.

  • Bra cups are too big or too small
  • Straps start loosing
  • Underwires are uncomfortable
  • The back band has stretched out
  • The fabric has broken down
  • Color is fading out
  • Your taste has changed

Let’s dive deeper into it.

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Replace your bra When…

Cups are too big or too small

The human body can change, and so do bra cups.

If you start seeing spillage over the cups, it might mean that your bra size may have changed since the time you bought the bra. Another reason for spilling breasts is that the straps are too tight. Make sure your cup size is correct and try to loosen the straps a little.

Do you see some noticeable room in there that you’ve never seen before? The bra has likely stretched out or the volume of your breasts has decreased. Either way, the bra is no longer capable of providing enough support for your bust.

Straps are loose

The straps are toasted when you tighten them as much as you can and they still cannot stay on your shoulder. One of the important roles the straps play in a bra is to hold the bra in place, giving enough support to your breasts. Once straps lose elasticity, it’s time to replace the bra.

The underwire is uncomfortable

How are the underwires doing? Are they sitting right at the places they are supposed to be? Or they are just naughty popped out, digging into your sensitive skin. Some try to push that back into place and get it sewed, but we all know that isn’t a solution.

The back has stretched out

Normally, the fabric will stretch over time. After a certain number of times that you wear the bra, the back fabrics will stretch out. So how do I know when it happens?

Keep your bra on the loosest hook fastening. The reason being when it starts stretching, you can move it to the next hook level. So you can expand the lifespan of the bra.

You need to look out for the point where it’s still loose when on the tightest hook. The back elastic band losing functionality means you won’t get enough support from the bra anymore.

It’s even worst if you can get two or more fingers underneath it.

The fabric has signs of breaking down

In contact with the human fluid and chemical detergent, the structure of the material has changed quietly over time. For instance, the fabric shows less elasticity.

Sometimes you can feel “hairy” on your bra and spot tiny elastic threads pop out of the bra, holes in the lace, and the spandex has come away.

They are the signs that you need to replace the bra.

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The color is dingy

If your black bra has become somewhat dark gray, it is fading. However, sometimes it’s hard to tell, just look at the label inside. It is time to replace that bra if you can’t recognize what’s on the label.

Tastes and fashion have changed

The taste in clothes has been changing. You probably need different lingerie styles or types for certain clothes or occasions.

The bottom line is, you don’t have to wait until a bra becomes worn out. You deserve a good new bra for yourself! If getting a new bra can make you feel more comfortable and confident, we can’t see any reason shouldn’t do it.

How many bras should I own?

This is a quite personal preference. It depends on the lifestyle. Some have only 2-3 bras to wear while others may have more than a dozen in the drawer.

We recommend having at least 4 bras for your weekly-basis rotation. Plus other types.

  • Everyday bras: 4
  • Sports bra: 1
  • Strapless bra: 1
  • Special occasion: 1


How long should you wear a bra in a day?

There is no scientific evidence that wearing a bra would increase the chance of breast cancer or prevent them from getting sagging.

So, free feel to wear a bra as long as you like, even throughout your sleep.

However, you should choose a bra made from breathable materials that won’t suffocate your skin while wearing a bra for a long period.

If you prefer to sleep in a bra, then choose a bra style without underwires, because it’s more comfortable. A sports bra would be the best option, given that a loose t-shirt, while you sleep at night, can cause nipple chafing. Wearing a nice and comfortable sports bra can fix that problem. How long you should be wearing a bra in a day is totally up to you. Whatever is most comfortable for you is completely fine.


How long can you wear a bra before washing it?


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For hygiene purposes, you may want to wash your bra after every wear on sweaty days in summer.

Otherwise, when it comes to normal use, you can wash it every 2-3 wears. If you wear the same bra two days in a row, take it off sometime in between to relax the bra.

More on how to wash your undergarments, keep reading: How To Hand Wash Your Underwear?

Final thoughts

Unfitting cups, loose straps, painful underwires, broken fabrics, dingy color, and stretched back bands are signs that it’s time for you to replace the bra. In Inestory’s mind, a bra doesn’t need to be worn out to be replaced. You deserve a new, nice, and comfortable bra once in a while.

There always is no rules or limitations on how many bras you should have. Consider your demand and the way you feel happy and confident. Follow your feeling and treat yourself.

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