How To Organize Undergarments In Closet(Proven Tricks!)

It can be a daunting task to get your undergarments organized in the closet. To us, one of the best practices to organize your undergarments in the closet is to use multi-purpose baskets/boxes/containers to maximize the storage capacity.

Have you ever been motivated to clean up and get your undergarments organized in your closet as I do once a year? I have to admit that I haven’t touched my closet since I moved in two years ago. It can be harder, especially when you don’t have a dresser. It can easily go back to the messy way again literally after one week.

And trying to keep your bras and underwear organized is a good way to take care of them. So for this clean-up operation, I’ve summarized a couple of nice tricks that can save up space and keep things organized in your closet.

Let’s get started!

Ways that keep your undergarments organized

Trick No.1: Use Baskets or Containers to Make The Best of  Your Space


The narrow space in the closet can be a challenge to get things in order. The basket box can come in handy.

Keeping tiny little things together, like lace briefs, thongs, bras, it’s super accessible when you need to make daily dress decisions.

Another benefit of applying this container is that it can be stacked on each other to create more layer of storage. Thanks to its lid, this basket box could stay put on top of the other and keeps dust from outside.

With fine labeling, you’ll know exactly what is in each box, not needing to go through each one to find out.

Trick No.2: Bra Hangers Is A Space Saver

If you don’t have drawers or enough space in your closet, hanging up things could be a great idea to save space. I don’t really like folding and don’t really want to spend more time on folding underwear and bras. I found this hanger very helpful.

This kind of hanger can be your good friend to store your bras and undies. Holding 8-12 bras at a time only takes up one spot the same as your jacket does. It is a huge space saver to me. And yes, the best part is that I don’t need to fold things anymore.

Trick No.3Drawer Organizer


For those lucky ones who have drawers in their closet, they can be super beneficial for storing your undergarments. One of these drawer organizers helps to create individual space for each undergarment piece, categorizing them by color, style…

A clear look and easy access to make your morning choice.

Trick No.4: Drawer Organizers Help Categorize Your Items


If you have drawers in your closet, the reason this organizer is on the top of the list is that they keep things nice and organized for you.

This type of container allows you to separate underwear and bras. Giving them the divided spot can avoid damage by the bra hooks. Try to place bras and underwear by color so that you can have quick access to your options. Knowing where your items are will definitely speed up your morning routine.

Add one or two layers of these organizers to your closet to expand the capacity. Just simply put one layer on top of the other.

However, the drawback is that you will have to fold every piece nicely for storing, which I know, can be a real challenge for most people to keep a habit, including me.

What to Do If I Have too Many Underwear/Bras?

I’ve heard some of you saying,” I’ve got way too many undies/bras to be organized and I am no longer wearing some of them”. Try to get rid of those that you don’t wear anymore. If you don’t wear it now, you’ll probably not wear it in the future.

So let’s get sorting out started!

Step 1: Purging

We know it’s kind of a project in front of you, but don’t push it too hard. Start it with one category at a time, like undies first. Purge any uncomfortable, outdated, loose underwear. And then bras.

From my experience, keeping as many undies or bras for around 2 weeks’ worth. It should meet your need for a weekly or bi-weekly laundry schedule.

Step 2: Sorting

After the purge of unwanted undergarments refer to the method we introduced above, it’s time to sort and organize them.

Sorting undergarments by type is a good start. For some, separating boyshorts from bikini bottoms is not enough. Go ahead if you need a more thorough classification on it.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot more ideas on how to efficiently organize your undergarments in the closet. The ideas listed above can be your inspiration for more creative possibilities that work for your closet. Don’t get discouraged when it comes to finding out the best way that fits your scenario.

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