Thongs and G strings: What is the difference?

What Is A Thong

A thong is a garment usually worn by women as underwear or a swimsuit bottom. Regarding the shape, a thong resembles a bikini bottom with less material at the rear coverage, making the hips more visible.

Thongs are specially designed to hide sensitive areas and genital hair but have minimum coverage of the buttocks.

What is a G-string

A G-string is a panty type in the thong category. However, a G-string is an even more minimum undergarment than a thong. The main purpose of a G-string is to make sure there are no visible panty lines or simply to increase sex appeal.

The waistband and a thin strip material that connects the middle part of the waistband with the bottom front of the garment, which only cover the genitals, pubic hair, anus, and perineum. Generally, the interconnection can be seen in a form of a small triangle piece of fabric on the back.

The Main Difference


Made with wider hip coverage than a G-string

Designed to cover the front side as well as the anus and perineum

The strip material that goes between the buttocks is wider



Made smaller and slimmer than thong relatively

Designed to cover the front side only to increase better visual look

The string that goes between the buttocks is thin and slim

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