Why Is There An Opening In Women’s Underwear?

You may have noticed there is an extra layer of fabric at the crotch of your underwear. It is called a “gusset”, which helps you feel good wearing underwear all day.

You’ve also noticed that one side of the gusset is unattached, forming a “hole” or “pocket”. The primary purpose is to add more comfort and ventilation to keep your private part comfy and dry.


What is the hole in women’s underwear called?

The layer of soft fabric forming a hole in women’s underwear is called a “gusset”. It is usually made from cotton, a material recognized to be the most natural and comfortable, instead of synthetic materials.

You can find a wide range of underwear made from various synthetic materials, like lace, nylon, spandex, etc. Those materials are doing their part really well in serving different purposes, however, cotton is always the best for a gusset in underwear.

Cotton is known for its incredible capability of keeping the skin dry and comfortable, which is exactly what your crotch area needs.


Why is the gusset open?

You can find this opening in some designs according to different brands. The little pocket definitely isn’t for storage purposes. Just imagine how possibly you will feel comfortable if something stays there against your lady bit and rub it all day long.

The design of a gusset can vary depending on its intended function, but some types of gussets may be open for several reasons:

Improved wearing experience

Lace is pretty but can be a pain in the underwear – think of how scratchy it can feel when you wear lace on bare skin, let alone your lady bits. So a cotton gusset offers soft, comfy touch to your private part which experiences the most friction during the day.

Other than that, this tiny piece of fabric absorbs exudation and keeps unexpected liquid marks from showing on the outer surface of underwear.

Allow a range of motion

In some cases, an open gusset can be added to an undergarment to allow for greater freedom of movement in the crotch. For example, sports shorts or pants may feature an open gusset in the crotch area to better fit for more comfortable running, jumping, or other physical activity.

Enhanced ventilation

An open gusset can also help to improve airflow and ventilation in certain areas of a garment. For example, cycling shorts may feature an open gusset to help keep the rider cool and dry during long rides.

However, leaving one end of the gusset open increases the chances that dirt can hide away between the inner and outer layers. You will need to wash it carefully in order to have private hygiene.

That is the reason Inestory has gone the extra mile to conceal the whole gusset with enhanced technology to minimize the bacteria hiding away. We make sure the sewing connection between the gusset and outer layer is good for keeping it fresh and easy to wash.


Final Thoughts

The little “pocket” in underwear has raised the curiosity of many who uses underwear as a mean to keep personal hygiene. The primary purpose of it is to maintain a clear, dry, and comfortable environment for your crotch area. Pay more attention to the gusset when washing the underwear, using the correct temperature and detergents.

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